Cool Morning Walk (431 days to go)

My walk this morning almost didn’t happen.

I went to bed late (my fault) and got up early.

Still dark out, I struggled to get up….and I do mean struggled.

I practically rolled myself out of bed. The only reason I got to my feet was because I didn’t want to fall on the floor.

Finally, droopy eyed and sleep walking I got dressed and out the door.

I feel really good about walking for an hour on this cool, crisp morning.

It was still dark out for the walk, so no pictures.

But trust me…it was gorgeous.

I’m awake now!


Day off…not! (433 days to go)

Why is it that far too often a day off isn’t a day off?

We have errands to run, laundry, grocery shopping etc…etc…etc.

I want some time off!

I want to sit down and do some art.

Go somewhere beautiful to take some pictures.


And even though today is a day off. Today is not that day.

Maybe tomorrow.


Too much sugar (434 days to go)

Yesterday I was very bad to myself.

I ate WAY too much sugar.

I’m not sure why I sabotage myself the way I do, but I’ve made a decision.

I’ve decided NO MORE SUGAR from now until my birthday, (and coincidentally the one year mark of my 1000 day countdown).

From now until then I will have no sweets, no sodas, no cakes, pies, donuts, candy or anything else of that nature.

Wish me luck!!! (I’m going to need it!)

Hopefully by the time I reach my birthday, I won’t want sugar anymore and have kicked the habit.

I guess we’ll find out!

Exercising Wrong (435 days to go)

There’s an article today on the internet that says we may be exercising wrong.

Exercising All Wrong

I understand that the title is just an advertising ploy to get you to open and read the article, but telling us we’re exercising wrong I think is the wrong way to go about it.

First, I don’t think ANY exercise is wrong. (Unless you’re doing it in a way that hurts you)

Second, I hate defeatist, fear tactic advertising.

I did read the article however, and thought hmmmm….could I actually get away with only 10 minutes a day?

Probably not, because I can pretty much guarantee that I wouldn’t work hard enough during the sprints to get the maximum benefit.

But, it might be worth a try.



A reward for walking (437 days to go)

Yesterday I went walking. Mostly to clear my head and try to get rid of some of my stress. Walking along the beach always seems to do the trick for me. The sounds, the smells and the sheer beauty always get me out of my head and transform me. On this particular walk not only was I rewarded by all the benefits you get from walking, but a gift as well.

I luckily stumbled on this Mama Seal feeding her baby. It didn’t take long for the walkway to fill up with on-lookers of this wonderful sweet part of nature. They rolled around in the waves of the sea and each time the baby came hopping back to Mom, attaching himself to her to feed. They were only there a short time, then they went back into the ocean together and swam away.

They were quite a ways away from me and I was only armed with my cell phone camera, but it was truly extraordinary to see.

Watching this little family took me out of my own head and helped to once again appreciate the gift of life and the world around me.

Mama & Baby Seal  Mama & Baby Seal 1

Walking for stress relief…(438 days to go)

Lately I’ve been walking.

I find that it gives me time to think, reflect and chill.

I’m probably not walking hard or fast enough to make a difference in my behind.

But I am relieving some stress, which right now is my main goal.

Smelling the flowers, looking at the stars in the sky or the sunset colors.

Right now it’s what I need and I’m listening to myself and doing what I’m told.