Exercise…LOL! (424 days to go)

Ok…I got up this morning to work out and I think I should get a medal or something for the ‘Lamest Workout Ever!’.

Is there an award for that?

There should be.

My back is still hurting…but, I think I should also get some points for getting up and trying to not only create the habit but for doing something.

It’s funny, I don’t even know what I did to my back. Have you ever done that? Hurt yourself and not even know how?

This is not normal for me. I never have back problems…weird.

But, I got up this morning. Stretched a little and did a ‘tiny’ bit of Pilates.

Where’s my award?

Hopefully it will be in the form of relief when my back starts to feel better!


Still down (425 days to go)

I’m still out of commission, plagued with my bad back.

The pain is overwhelming so I’m trying not to move too much, but this is the fourth day!

Problem is, I really want to go for a walk, however, the last thing I want to do is make it worse.

I’ve decided to give myself today to rest it, pain reliever and heating pad.

Tomorrow…ready or not…I’m back to Pilates and walking.

It might be just a tiny bit at first, more stretching than working, but nonetheless, I’m going to get this back better one way or another.

After all, I’m not going to lose weight, get heathy or be ready for Machu Picchu sitting in bed!

Bad Back (427 days to go)

I have done something severe to my back.

I have been laid up since yesterday, having to move slowly with definitive motion.

I don’t seem to be able to sit down, lay down or be propped up.

Not sure what I did to myself but I hope it goes away as quickly as it came upon me.

If anyone knows of a great way to relieve excruciating lower back pain and spasms, please feel free to share.

Have an awesome, pain-free day!

Cool Morning Walk (431 days to go)

My walk this morning almost didn’t happen.

I went to bed late (my fault) and got up early.

Still dark out, I struggled to get up….and I do mean struggled.

I practically rolled myself out of bed. The only reason I got to my feet was because I didn’t want to fall on the floor.

Finally, droopy eyed and sleep walking I got dressed and out the door.

I feel really good about walking for an hour on this cool, crisp morning.

It was still dark out for the walk, so no pictures.

But trust me…it was gorgeous.

I’m awake now!


Day off…not! (433 days to go)

Why is it that far too often a day off isn’t a day off?

We have errands to run, laundry, grocery shopping etc…etc…etc.

I want some time off!

I want to sit down and do some art.

Go somewhere beautiful to take some pictures.


And even though today is a day off. Today is not that day.

Maybe tomorrow.