980 days…Thoughts from a photo shoot

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing a magnificent horse and her owner at the stables.


But while I was there we were walking around in dirt and grass. There were lots of flys and other insects. I starting thinking about camping and walking the trail in Machu Picchu. As I’ve said in an earlier post, I’m a bed and breakfast kind of girl. Tents, sleeping bags, bugs, dirt…all not my thing.

What am I going to do?

My Prince Charming husband thinks we should walk the trail and do the camping. But I’m starting to question this. When I got home from the shoot I couldn’t wait to take a shower. Even though I loved being out there and photographing that gorgeous horse. It was a beautiful day,  so quiet and peaceful. It was wonderful. But can I sleep on the ground? Not shower for days? I just don’t know.

Has anyone ever hiked the trail? What can I expect? What’s it like to camp?

I think I need an opinion. There are two different  ways I could go through.

Which one would you do?

Walking the Inca Trail  OR  Mountain Lodges


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