971 days…Happy Cat

Yesterday I splurged a tiny bit and bought a kitty house for my devil cat. One of those great big ones that’s stands 6 feet tall and has 7 different levels.

It was deeply discounted on clearance, so it really wasn’t that much of a splurge, but am I glad I bought it.

He’s an indoor cat and we play, often. But this was a terrific investment. He jumps up on it and rolls around and absolutely loves it. I’ve only had it since yesterday and we’ve already played together several times. Even when I’m not over at it with him, he jumps on it and plays. It’s just wonderful.

I figure this is only fitting. If I have to work out and get healthy…so does he! That’s only fair…right?

Do it as a family. I also think this philosophy should work for all of us.

My husband has been walking and hiking with me and he’s losing weight too. (at a much faster rate than I, and I hate that…hee hee) Just kidding!
I love that he’s getting healthy.

I think if we do it together it will be easier and more fun.

Get the whole family together once a week to go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Going to breakfast on Sunday morning? Walk there together. If we do it together it will work and everyone benefits.

Ok…gotta go play with my cat now.

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