923 days to go…Holiday Boat Parade

Another festive event that happens in San Diego is the Holiday Boat Parade.

An evening sitting at the bay watching boats go by that are dressed up for the holidays.

…and I mean dressed up!

Lights, music, carols, bells and people on board wishing you a happy holiday season over loud speakers.

Boats are decorated simply with lights on the lines of the boat, all the way up to a yacht designed to light up like Santa’s sleigh, including reindeer.

It’s a lovely event and one I look forward to.

If you missed it last night…it’s ok. There’s another happening this Sunday night, December 16th.

In my opinion, the best place to watch is from Coronado at the Ferry Landing.

You not only get to see all the boats as they pass, but you get to enjoy the beautiful San Diego Skyline as the backdrop.

You can come over early in the day, do a little shopping and have lunch.

Then, get a good seat in the afternoon and have someone in your party go get BBQ, Gyros or Pizza.

Or if you make a reservation in advance you can get a great seat in one of the upscale restaurants and watch the parade while you eat.

Whichever way you go…you can’t go wrong.

Be sure to bundle up, it get’s a little chilly when your sitting out there for a while.

After I got off work from my part time job, I grabbed my bike and headed to the Ferry Landing.

My Prince Charming husband was already there with a great spot all picked out for us.

Here’s a few images we took from last nights parade.

It was a gorgeous night, like most nights in Coronado, and the boats were amazing.



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