921 days…Exciting News!

Ok, yesterday was not a good day for me. I was down and a bit depressed and wondering how to get myself motivated to move and at least attempt to increase my happiness level.

Since I didn’t get too many comments on how others do it, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I went for a long walk by the beach. (How can that not cheer you up…right?) (Yeah, that’s what I figured to). When I came back, I sat down at my computer and forced myself to work on a project I’ve been wanting to get finished. I made very good progress.

Lo and behold…the phone rings. The person on the other end is someone I met that does journaling classes and has asked me to speak at one of her classes regarding my book.

How great is that…right?! I accepted, of course.

So, shift gears…need to work on a speech. Ok, got a good start going on that.

On to Pilates. My Prince Charming husband suggested that to help myself feel better, I should push myself really hard in class. So I did. It felt great.

After class I got the nicest email from my Pilates instructor, the lovely Marena on how well I’m doing. It really made me feel good.

All in all, it ended up a good day.

Now for today…off to hike to continue making strides toward good health.

I think the one thing I must, must, must remember is no matter what is happening in my life, I need to keep improving my health, because I will walk that trail in Machu Picchu in about 900 days from now. I will!

So…off I go!

Travel Tip of the Day….Wanna’ go to the Bahamas?

One thought on “921 days…Exciting News!

  1. glad to see u had a better day today than yesterday. i know when u dont feel like doing anything it is very hard to get motivated. i know i have been there. take care love u

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