900 days to Machu Picchu…100 days gone!

Well, 100 days of my 1000 day countdown to Machu Picchu are gone, so let’s re-cap.

Wow! I can’t believe 100 days are gone already…but I think I’m doing really well.

I’ve lost 16 pounds and I look a little better, I’m re-shaping my body and I feel better.

Still going slow and trying to make it permanent life changes, rather than just lose a bunch of weight only to put it back on again.

I’m still on Jenny Craig. To tell the truth I cheat all the time, which is probably why I haven’t lost more weight, but it’s definitely one of my resolutions to stay on it and stick with it a little more. When I do eat off the diet, I still do really well. I eat smaller portions. I bought much smaller plates and eat on those. I eat more salads and vegetables and I find that I’m enjoying those more. My trouble spot is eating out and I’m learning valuable lessons there too. Order vegetables, split entrees, get soup and healthy appetizers (if you can find one). I’m definitely getting there and overall I’m very happy with my progress with food. I also don’t eat sweets like I used to…thank goodness. That was a tough one for me.

I’m working out most days of the week. Walking, hiking, Pilates. We’re trying to hike two days a week, Pilates two days a week and walking or riding a bike another day or two in the week. I don’t always succeed, but I do manage to do it most of the time and that’s an accomplishment all on it’s own. Life changes are slow, but they are happening for me.

We’re attempting to look for longer more difficult hikes so that we can continue to improve. I will need to be able to handle changes in elevation for the four day hike in Machu Picchu. We’ve done a hike to 1000 feet and recently did Iron Mountain with an elevation change of 1200 feet. We are looking at hiking the Grand Canyon  hopefully sometime this year and Pikes Peak in Colorado next year to be prepared for Peru.

Doing research for Machu Picchu has lead us to believe that we should perhaps do the four day hike a month or two before my birthday in June. We’ll do more research on that and update here as we learn more.

Overall, like I said…I’m very happy with the way things are going. It’s slow and sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t eat whatever I want, or that I don’t see more changes in myself. But I do see changes and that’s where I need to keep my focus in order to continue to find motivation.

It’s getting easier and easier to find the motivation to go. I still get lazy sometimes but I seem to be pulling myself out of it easier. I’ll take that as an accomplishment too.

This next year I have some huge plans on the horizon. Better eating, more difficult and hopefully gorgeous hikes (and of course, the pictures to go with them), but I’m also working on my workshop. Improving it and offering it more. I’ll tell you more about it down the road.

I hope your enjoying my triumphs and challenges, learning from them and hopefully finding inspiration to go out and find your own healthful adventures.

I’d love to hear about your own journey to health and enlightenment. Please share them with me.

Vicki Before~Early 2012

Me in early 2012

Vicki Now~December 2012

Me in December 2012

I think you can see the changes in my face, my hips and it’s hard to tell under my baggy shirt, but my waistline is smaller and more trim.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Do you see the changes in me? I hope so.

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