833 days to go…New Size!

Yesterday, just for fun I went into the mall and tried on some new clothes.

Even though I’m not ready to buy yet, I had a little free time and I was curious what size I might be now.

Turns out, I’m smaller than I realized.

I used to be 18 Womens…yuck, I hate admitting that, but ‘used to be’ is the important part here.

This time, no womens size….no elastic waist.

I tried on the 16 and guess what…it was a tiny bit loose.

I put on the 14 and they fit!

Oh my…am I thrilled.

A size 14, fitted jeans with no elastic anywhere in sight. WOW!!!

I haven’t seen size 14 in probably 14 years. Amazing.

I plan to continue working and get a little closer to my goal before I go clothes shopping.

Perhaps by then, I will be a 12.

Wouldn’t that be awesome!


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