828 days…Meditation

Is getting healthy just about eating less and exercising more, or is it more than that?

I’m beginning to think it is.

I’m certainly not saying that you have to meditate and become a yogi.

However, I think the whole body needs to be involved.

Becoming more active, and eating less is the beginning. However, reducing stress, eating healthier, finding some inner peace and a sense of love for yourself might be more important than we realize.

At least I think all these things come into the equation.

With this in mind, have you heard about Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 days of meditation?

You have to check this out.

I’m going to do it!

Perhaps if I start chanting I will say….”Get healthy”, “Get healthy”, “Get healthy”….

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One thought on “828 days…Meditation

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