794 days to go…Journey’s End

I was talking with some ladies the other day about my blog.

She had just started following it and was telling me how much she enjoyed the posts.

I was grateful and appreciative of her comments but she really made me start to think.

She was asking me about my journey’s end.

She asked about Machu Picchu, when I planned on going and what I was going to do afterward.

I started to actually spend some time thinking about it.

Then I realized that I’ve been so focused on each day and putting in fitness and trying to eat right that I’ve not really thought about the end.

But truly, I don’t think there is an end.

I am getting more fit by the day. A little stronger all the time. Standing a little straighter and shaping up.

I don’t want it to end.

So although the 1000 day countdown will come to an end…my journey is only just beginning.

Have you begun your journey yet?


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