776 days to go…Temptations

The art shows went well this weekend…but unfortunately I fell into temptation.

Art shows like that are not the best place for someone trying to get healthy and lose weight.

The smell of the BBQ, pizza and hot dogs is temptation enough, without the chocolate covered strawberries on a stick walking by or the funnel cake covered in strawberries and whipped cream.

It’s awful and all too tempting.

…and we gave in. (quickly I might add)

Later in the day, hot dogs and funnel cake consumed I thought to myself, “Why did I do that?”.

I’ve worked so hard to get this weight loss off and to get healthy.

Why would I jeopardize that over a hot dog?

Am I that weak?

The answer for this weekend was yes, but for the weekends to come, it will be no.

We’ve decided to bring a cooler with us. Inside will be water, healthy sandwiches and fresh salad.

I’ve already bought the cooler!


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