666 days to go…Hopeful

I went to have my aura cleansed again yesterday.

She does several sessions until she feels you’ve released the bad energies that are blocking you from having a positive and happy life.

It was a quicker session this time, but interestingly I walked away feeling lighter. Hopeful.

Is it real?

Or is it real because I make it so?

I wonder.

Initially, to begin the session she asked me to imagine a place where I’m happy. To think of there being a door there and I invite her in.

I imagined the Big Sur River area.  Sitting there listening to the water, looking at the trees and being at peace.

At the end of the session she said, “Feels like were in something like a rainforest with lots of trees, and I can hear running water somewhere nearby like a river.” Suffice it to say, I was spooked.

How could she know that that was what I was thinking?

I asked her if she was psychic and she told me that she wasn’t. She was just reading my energies.

Perhaps her perceptions, lead me to my feeling of being hopeful.

All I know is that I said nothing of where I was, but her analysis of what needed to be released in me was dead right.

If they are released and I’m moving forward then look out!

I am so ready for things to get better in my life.

I’m ready to embrace the change that moves me toward the life I want.

I am hopeful.

Below…is one picture, (one of my favorites) I took in Big Sur while I was there. It was part of what I was imagining when I did the session.

Meadow in Big Sur


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