528 days to go… Walking Sticks

I’ve been thinking about walking sticks or trekking poles.

Went to REI and read some information about them.

The employee there was helpful.

Told me that it relieves up to 30% of the pressure off your knees and spine.

I’m all for that, since I’ve had two knee surgeries and I’m getting closer every day to needing hip surgery.

But do they work?

Has anyone used them?

Obviously I need to do some research….but I’d love an opinion from someone that uses them.

Should I get them? Or are they a waste of money?

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  1. vicki, i have a couple of friends who uses them and they say it helps them. i dont think u would be wasting your money, but i do know that they are expensive.

  2. Hi Vicki,
    We have a couple of walking sticks. My husband likes to take the one he has, a collapsible type store bought. He is not as steady on his feet and it helps him in steeper terrain or in the icy stuff we get here in New England, if I can get him to hike with me. We also have a couple of sticks we just picked up on the hike. One is an awesome beaver chewed one that my husband shellacked for me and added a rubber tip. I love it,but I rarely remember to take it. I think a hiking stick can certainly help avoid falls and relieve some stress on your body if you use it when hiking in rough and steep areas and to help steady us as we age!

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