My First Book!

I know I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been very busy finalizing my first book and I’m very happy with the results.

The book is called, ‘My Memories – My Life’. It’s a workbook with lots of fill in the blank questions to answer about your life and plenty of space for photographs to spark your memory. It also helps you organize important life information including medical, financial and personal documents.

It is designed primarily for people aging or experiencing memory loss from health related issues, however anyone can benefit from this book. As we age, our health deteriorates and problems with our memory can become a frustrating reality. Even with good health, memories fade over time. This book will help you to hold on to them, forever.

As an added bonus, once complete, this book will help your family members to really know you. A wonderful heirloom to pass down for generations to come.

You may be wondering why I wrote this book. Unfortunately I am all too familiar with what memory loss is like. I had a severe head injury in high school which caused nerve damage. Over time, one of the consequences is that I’m losing my ability to retain long term memory. I’ve suffered with this for many years now. I have no memory of trips I’ve taken, my wedding day, or my first car, I just have fragments of memories. When my memory loss started getting worse my husband bought me a camera to help me remember all the places we go. That gesture has become a passion and I’ve now studied to become a professional photographer. I photograph kids and families, weddings and hotels, but what I love shooting the most are the places I travel to. Long after our trip is over and we’ve gone home and unpacked, I remind myself, through the pictures, of the spectacular places I’ve been fortunate enough to see.

This book is designed to do the same for you. Besides putting in emergency phone numbers, medications you take, and where vital documents are located, you also fill in questions about your life. The idea is that someday, just in case you don’t remember, the book can help you fill in the blank spots. I also have loads of space for photographs, such as pictures of family trips, your spouse, your kids and so on. Pictures will spark your memory and not allow those people to move out of your thoughts, helping you to hold on to them for the rest of your life, no matter what lies in your future.

I hope this book serves you well and helps you to hold on to all the great memories of your life, and the people you love.

Don’t forget your memories, write them down.

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2 thoughts on “My First Book!

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  1. Vickie , Roberta and I had no idea the you had a problem,
    keep taking pictures as many as you can they are the window to your world and will give great spark to your memory,and will remain with you for many many years.
    all our love Jerry and Roberta Burg

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