Hiking with Rewards

While hiking today with my husband he pointed out that it’s been a very good week for me. I lost a another pound and worked out 5 days of the week! I immediately thought, ‘when did I do that?’ I seem to have actually managed to put exercise into my life and find room for it. Wow! Well done me…right? Well, one week does not a thousand days make.

This morning when I got up to go hiking I told myself I needed a little inspiration. So, I brought my camera. That always inspires me. I figured if I ran across anything worth taking that I’d have my camera with me to do it. I also figured that if I did, I’d have something to look back on to remind myself that getting up and going has its rewards. There’s even a picture in here of me, proving I got up and did it. Today, I think I was well rewarded for my hard work.

I hope you enjoy them.

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