Tidepools and Cliffs at Cabrillo National Monument

When you live in a big city it’s hard to find someplace that’s quiet. A place to sit in peace and enjoy the silence. The Point Loma Tidepools is that kind of spot. San Diego’s’ Point Loma is a peninsula that helps to create the bay. At the southern tip is Cabrillo National Monument with a lighthouse and museum. This vantage point also offers views of San Diego you can’t see anywhere else. On the way, you must drive through residential areas, business districts and once inside the park, past a very large military cemetery. But if you keep going your reward makes it worth the drive. To get to the tidepools you need to take the road away from the museum, toward the ocean but once there you’ll find a place to rest and just be with your thoughts, unwind and relax.

Out here there are craggy rocks that look as if giants scrapped their fingernails into the sides. Waves crashing up repeatedly, slowly eroding away the very foundation upon which you stand. Beautiful and magnificent damage. If you go away for a long time when you return you can see the erosion. The paths have been moved to accommodate, and the view is altered. I was away for over eight years and it was definitely different when I returned. Still beautiful, peaceful and magnificent, but changed nonetheless.

It is the perfect place for a picnic or to take a book to read. Go there to meditate, to paint or perhaps, just to be. Looking at the view is certainly not a bad way to spend the day. The ocean seems to go on forever. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks is a comforting distraction, and the sunset is the best ending to a day ever.

Whether I’m in need of a quiet place to write or some me time, this place is idyllic. The unobstructed views of the ocean are so vast you’re sure you can see the curve of the earth. A place where I can throw my worries into the ocean and let the waves swallow them up. Smashing my fears and concerns on the rocks below. When I leave, I try not to take them with me.

Peace is a difficult commodity to come by in a concrete, freeway covered city, but here there are no roads, no cars, and no noise other than the smashing surf. A respite from city life and a place where if you’ve forgotten where you’ve put your soul, here you may well find it again.

Life comes with complications. Money, job, paying bills all weigh in on a person’s sanity. At the Point Loma Tidepools you magically get out of your car and leave those worries behind you. For a brief time you are one with nature. Sound like a pretty good day to you?

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  1. Great article. Looks like an inspiring place. Great photos too. Thanks for posting and good luck funding your trip. Andy.

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