Bike trips

I was reading a travel article yesterday about bicycling through France.

The article was amazing, and the idea is now in my head to go to France for a bicycling trip, at some point.

Cycling past meadows, enjoying the French countryside, having some good French wine and staying in a castle for the night.

What a trip that would be?

Boy, would I love to photograph it as I go.

I found several companies that do this. Take a look here at one of them that looks good.

Unfortunately, I have trepidation with this idea.

I have a bike. And I actually ride it occasionally. But I can’t ride it very long because the seat gets very uncomfortable.

Very uncomfortable.

How does someone ride for 10, 20, 50 miles a day without getting to a point that they are unable to feel anything below the waist and above the knee?

Is there a bike out there designed for these rides?

Do you need a special seat?

I think I need to do some research….unless there’s someone out there that is a cyclist that could help shed some light on this subject.

Feel free to comment.



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