Alternative medicine and travel

When you travel it’s easy to get a little sick.

Getting queasy on the plane or from the food, jet lag, swollen legs and motion sickness, all can be torture when your traveling.

Here’s an article I found on ways to combat some of these travel related ailments in a natural way.

I’m not huge into alternative medicine…but I figured I was talking about it the last couple days so I’d put up some things I already know about.

I actually don’t get jet lag and I’m grateful for that. But if you do, perhaps this can help.

I use the lavender if I have trouble sleeping.
I have a lotion that I rub into my temples. It has other stuff in it too and it helps me with my headaches, (that I do get often when I travel)

I believe that thinking outside the box is a good way to go. Especially when Western Medicine is so preoccupied with prescription medicine.

Besides what can a little lavender lotion on your temples or ginger candy hurt? Right?

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