Travel Safety

I think my Prince Charming husband and I travel pretty well.

We don’t over pack.

We use small packs inside our clothing for money and personal items.

We don’t roam the streets at night.

However, that being said, we have been approached by gypsy’s trying to rob us.

I’ve been followed back to my hotel room and we’ve seen a mob and potential riot about to begin.

(Trust me, we got out of there quick!)

But traveling is so amazing.

It opens your mind to other people, other cultures, and other ways of life.

New foods, gorgeous art and architecture, history and landscapes and of course, all the wonderful people you meet along the way.

Traveling is worth it, you just have to make certain to be safe.

In this article, this couple give some great tips on Traveling Safe.

I hope you’ll take a look at it.

Happy Traveling!

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