Losing Weight

I’m still struggling with losing weight.

So, I’ve been thinking lately about easy ways to lose weight in our day.

Every little bit helps…right?

So here are 10 I’ve come up with.

Can you think of any to share that you do?

1. Park further away from the door. At the grocery store, office or mall. Don’t look for a close space, just head out to the end and walk it.

2. Take the stairs.

3. Walk up the escalator.

4. Are you a soda drinker? When you open a new can…pour just a little out.

5. Make salads more often. Try one day a week and add more as you get used to it.

6. One day a week don’t add butter to anything. Work up to more days as your body begins to appreciate less fat.

7. Replace one soda or soft drink with water. Work up.

8. Have an hour lunch break? Choose a place to eat that offers quick lunches or brown bag it. Then walk for 10 minutes of your break. Work up to more time and maybe eat at your desk.

9. One day a week only have salad and veggies for dinner.

10. Use a little less sugar in your coffee or tea. Keep trying to get used to less and less.


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