Losing Weight (Part 2)

Continuing with my easy ways to lose weight ideas, here’s 10 more.

1. Trade your regular dessert or cookies for fruit.

2. Refuse the free bread or chips. (If you can’t…limit it to only 1 basket) No refills.

3. Order soup and salad for dinner. No entree. No dessert.

4. Watch one less TV show and go for a walk instead. Take your family or significant other with you. Or your dog.

5. Don’t have a dog? Get one and walk him often.

6. Wash your car…Yourself…By Hand. Don’t forget the wax.

7. Add an adventure to your next vacation. Kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, swimming, walking tour, cycling. Whatever.

8. Buy smaller dinner plates and bowls.

9. Do NOT go for seconds.

10. Share an entree at the restaurant and order 2 small salads.

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