Losing Weight (Part 3)

Yesterday and the day before I added some easy ideas on how to lose weight.

Even if we did some of these things the benefits would be tiny.

But..there would be benefits and at the end of the year maybe we only notice one or two pounds gone.

However, that’s pounds lost not gained. I’ll take that.

Plus, all these things will add up and multiply and they will become easier, eventually turning your bad habits into healthy habits.

Here’s 10 more…

1. Add more spices to your meals.

2. Less salt.

3. On your sandwiches add more lettuce, tomato and sliced up vegetables.

4. Use less mayonnaise and more vegetable spreads, tapenade’s and oil/vinegar.

5. Eat at least one piece of fruit every day.

6. Order salad as your side. Not french fries.

7. Brown bag it to work.

8. Wherever you work, when you go to the bathroom, use the bathroom that’s farthest away from you. Can you take the stairs to get there?

9. Meetings at work? How about having your meetings outside? What about a ‘walking’ meeting? Or perhaps just have it at the restaurant down the street…and walk to get there.

10. Take the stairs at the mall. No escalators.



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