Losing Weight (Part 4)

Got a few more here.

Are you doing any of them?

Got any more?

1. During commercials do some leg lifts, weights or band work.

2. Never go to the grocery store hungry. (you already knew this one…right?)

3. While at the grocery store, don’t even go down the chip aisle or the soda aisle. Just avoid them completely.

4. Don’t like cutting fresh vegetables? Then buy them pre-cut.

5. Eat slow. Really…really…..s l o w…. To help…try eating with your utensil in your non-dominate hand.

6. Rather than mindless eating in front of the TV, if you don’t want to do weights why not tend to your feet. Give yourself a mini-manicure or mini-pedicure.

7. Brush your teeth after every meal.

8. Always order a small. Never a medium, large or anything bigger.

9. Before attending a party eat a small snack of fruit or fresh vegetables to keep you from filling up on bad party foods.

10. Never eat out of the bag.

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