Walk on the beach

Sometimes a walk on the beach, a good sunset and a surprise are all you need to put your spirits in the place they should be.

Last Light Over Point Loma

I met with a friend the other day and she and I talked about the things going on in our lives.

Everyday we have the choice to be happy, make the best of things and keep trying. Or give up and be miserable.

I choose happy. So I took a drive and traveled over to the beach for a nice long walk. I watched the sun set and create a perfect and beautiful ending to my day.

Here are some images I took with my phone.


The End Of The Day

Sunset Sky Coronado Sunset

Beach Sunset On Coronado


Walking over toward the gorgeous Hotel del Coronado, I was greeted with the most wonderful surprise!

Hotel del Coronado 3 Hotel del Coronado 1 Hotel del Coronado 2

The San Castle Man was hard at work that evening creating masterpieces.

TheSandCastleMan.com thesandcastleman.com

Spectacular aren’t they? Just like we are.

All we have to do is smile, keep trying and remember that no matter what we try to do or accomplish, although it won’t be easy, quick or free, the effort will be worth it.

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