About ME!

Photographer and Travel Writer

My Prince Charming husband and I travel whenever possible, even if it’s only somewhere an hour from where we live, and I love writing about these places and photographing them.

Hopefully with the stories I write, and the pictures that go with them, you’ll find inspiration to go on your own journey through the world. A journey filled with travel, and wonderful adventures.




Oh, and if you like the blog…please share and tell a friend!


6 thoughts on “About ME!

Add yours

  1. Hi Robert,
    I really appreciate you sending me information on your new site.
    Sounds very interesting.
    I will wait to see it come out and then check it out…ok?
    At that point, I will put it up on the site.

    I also wanted to let you know that I’m not going to approve your message to me, because it has all your contact information.
    So, what I propose is…

    Once your site is up…make a comment on one of my travel articles about yours (without your personal info in it)
    Then I can approve it and it will be attached to something travel related.

    Sound good???

    Thanks for following me…
    Take care,

  2. I love it!!!! When I saw 1000 days without reading I thought to myself thats a lazy goal. But after reading I understand and I’m very inspired and excited to follow your journey. Especially when you take pictures and share them with us! Thanks again!

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