A Life Well Lived

I saw a man die today. With that moment comes a need to reflect on your own life and to pause and ask yourself if you’re living the life you want. Are you living what you would consider to be a ‘life well lived?’

While working on new articles and assorted projects, I looked up to see outside my window.  A fire truck arrived at the house across the street for probably the fourth or fifth time in the last couple of weeks.  Although I’m not one to watch the accident victims on the side of the road or engage in any activity that watches other people be in misery, it was happening right outside my window and I had genuine concern for a neighbor.  It wasn’t a car accident or some tragic event, although it’s tragic enough, it was a neighbor. Although I did not know him well, we’d say hello as we walked by or waved as he drove past.

The fire truck arrived without their siren on so I had no idea they were there. After noticing the sound of the idling engine, I looked out to see the fire truck and the firemen performing CPR on him on the sidewalk. I can only assume he fell and that is where they found him. The heroic men continued to attempt to revive him for what felt like an eternity, but ultimately their efforts proved futile. That’s where it ended, on a street corner in front of a home in a small little residential area.  Just that quickly.  One moment you’re calling 911 because someone is ill and the next you have to come to grips with the fact that you will never see them again. Your life is changed irreparably and forever.

I know I didn’t know him, but my life was changed in that moment. I’ve lost people I’ve loved deeply and the pain, although it’s been years, is right here next to me.

I think of how young they died and how many things they never got to experience. The man across the street was elderly and many might say, ‘he had a great life.’ I hope they’re right. I hope we can all say that when the time comes.

I watched as the family stood on the corner and sobbed together.  The paramedics, defeated from their life-saving efforts, picked up the man and put him in the ambulance to take him away.

While looking on, I wondered how my own life would come to an end. I pondered whether or not I was living the life that I wanted, in front of me was a slap in the face reminder to live. Breathe in all the good moments, embrace the bad, embrace everything.  Become the person you want to be, become a person that’s happy.  So that when the day arrives like this one, you’re ready.  Of course, I’m not sure any of us are ever really ready but I’d like to think I will be.

After feeling devastated and crying for a person I didn’t even know, I needed to feel better. I turned on some happy music and danced around my living room, trying desperately to lift my spirits. Dance like nobody’s watching, isn’t that the saying? I was determined to embrace this moment and enjoy it. I’m sure the man across the street would come down and tell me, and everyone, to live, enjoy every day, love deeply and dance. Next, I think I’ll plan my newest adventure. I hope there are many more to come.


Rotator Cuff

I have a problematic rotator cuff.

I have difficulty with strength in that arm and I can’t sleep on that side.

Very annoying. ( I like sleeping on that side. )

I try to do exercises, but like any working out it takes effort to build in the habit.

Here are some rotator cuff exercises for us to add to our routines.

Be careful and go slow. This is a difficult part of the body to reach and strengthen.

Unfortunately, as we age we must take care of this and keep it strong.

Trust me…you don’t want it to start hurting.

My First Book!

I know I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been very busy finalizing my first book and I’m very happy with the results.

The book is called, ‘My Memories – My Life’. It’s a workbook with lots of fill in the blank questions to answer about your life and plenty of space for photographs to spark your memory. It also helps you organize important life information including medical, financial and personal documents.

It is designed primarily for people aging or experiencing memory loss from health related issues, however anyone can benefit from this book. As we age, our health deteriorates and problems with our memory can become a frustrating reality. Even with good health, memories fade over time. This book will help you to hold on to them, forever.

As an added bonus, once complete, this book will help your family members to really know you. A wonderful heirloom to pass down for generations to come.

You may be wondering why I wrote this book. Unfortunately I am all too familiar with what memory loss is like. I had a severe head injury in high school which caused nerve damage. Over time, one of the consequences is that I’m losing my ability to retain long term memory. I’ve suffered with this for many years now. I have no memory of trips I’ve taken, my wedding day, or my first car, I just have fragments of memories. When my memory loss started getting worse my husband bought me a camera to help me remember all the places we go. That gesture has become a passion and I’ve now studied to become a professional photographer. I photograph kids and families, weddings and hotels, but what I love shooting the most are the places I travel to. Long after our trip is over and we’ve gone home and unpacked, I remind myself, through the pictures, of the spectacular places I’ve been fortunate enough to see.

This book is designed to do the same for you. Besides putting in emergency phone numbers, medications you take, and where vital documents are located, you also fill in questions about your life. The idea is that someday, just in case you don’t remember, the book can help you fill in the blank spots. I also have loads of space for photographs, such as pictures of family trips, your spouse, your kids and so on. Pictures will spark your memory and not allow those people to move out of your thoughts, helping you to hold on to them for the rest of your life, no matter what lies in your future.

I hope this book serves you well and helps you to hold on to all the great memories of your life, and the people you love.

Don’t forget your memories, write them down.

To order or to learn more-Click here: http://mymemories-mylife.blogspot.com/

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