Hiking On Christmas

Went hiking yesterday, on Christmas Day and found I was really surprised how many people there were on the mountain.

Actually it was quite busy.

We thought it would be just the opposite and it turns out we were wrong.

It was a lovely day and it was really inspiring to see so many people up there working on their health and fitness.

Many had their friends and family with them and some even brought their dogs. Awesome!

Below are a few more Cowles Mountain photos we’ve taken…enjoy!

Travel Tip Of The Day:

Shielding Your Laptop

Is Columbia Dangerous?

Rewarding Hike

Went to Cowles Mountain again to hike up the 1000 feet. It was a much clearer day than the time before. We could see all the way to the ocean. I went, despite still suffering from back pain and spasms along with a little neck pain just for good measure. But I put all that aside because not only did I really want to go, but I needed to release some of the stress that’s been building up in me since losing my job.

I of course, took my camera and I’m so glad I did. I got some great images, (I think) however, it’s also a source of joy for me…which I need a bit of right now.


Travel Tip of the Day… Going to Europe? (Take me with you) Rail Europe is offering some deals and if you haven’t been on the train in Europe it’s a wonderful experience. Try it.


1000 Feet!

I hiked Cowles Mountain the other day and we climbed just shy of 1000 feet!

We’re beginning to do more challenging hikes that change in elevation to train for Machu Picchu.

I did very well. Ended up with some back pain but overall came out of it alright.

The hike is very nice. A little desert-y for me but still very pretty.

The views (although not on the day we went) are magnificent. On a clear day you could probably see all of San Diego.

Below are some images from the hike….enjoy!


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