What I love about Thanksgiving

What I LOVE about Thanksgiving…

I love the idea of one day a year set aside to remind ourselves of what to be grateful for.

grateful subway art

Thanksgiving has no religious history. You don’t have to believe or not believe, or be of a particular faith to partake in Thanksgiving.

Give Thanks

It’s a day filled with cooking, games and laughter. Taking the time to create wonderful things to eat for the people you love and care about.


Sitting around a large table relaxing, eating and taking a moment to remind yourself of everything that’s good in life.

Grateful Hearts

This Thanksgiving let’s all take a moment to tell those in our lives most important to us, how much we love them.

Reflect on what’s good about our lives.

What brings us joy.

…and take a moment to be thankful.



I am so thankful for those of you that follow this blog.

I’m grateful that you stay with me and inspire me to be better, healthier and hopefully give some inspiration to others.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


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