Peace Is Every Breath

Do you believe that certain things are revealed to you when you need them?

It’s like when you buy a new car and you never saw them before. After you buy it, you see them everywhere.

Yesterday, I took a friend to a doctor appointment.

Afterward we were talking about meditation and battling health issues.

Driving home we came across a meditation studio with drop in classes.

We laughed at the irony and stopped to get information.

Then it gets even better.

I was in a bookstore later than evening and came across the book, peace is every breath by Thich Nhat Hanh.

He’s the monk that I learned about when I went to the Deer Park Monastery.

The book is a quick read and easy to grasp.

It’s talks about being mindful. Living in the moment and finding joy in those moments.

I’m enjoying the book.

I just find it interesting how the universe is revealing all this to me.

I’m finding joy in that fact, because I believe my eyes are open to the possibility of living in the moment and finding joy.

Why? Because I’ve been in that bookstore 100 times and I’ve driven past that meditation studio more times than that.

I’m ready to find peace in every breath. Live mindfully and joyfully.

Are you?

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