Huntington Library

The other day we went to the Huntington Library to stroll through their botanical gardens.

Neither of us had ever been there ¬†before, but now that we’ve gone, it will not be our only visit.

It is truly an extraordinary place and I’m hoping that the pictures below¬†make you want to go, because I promise you’ll love it.

Gorgeous, peaceful and serene. Nature at it’s finest in the middle of Los Angeles. Wow!

I’m thinking that perhaps going back in the spring would be a good idea. When we went a great many things weren’t blooming and I’m sure this place is breathtaking when everything is at it’s peak!

Also, far too many people just walk the gardens, which are awesome and worth it…but…. Be sure when you go to see the inside of the museum. They have an amazing library and this is also the home of the famous painting, ‘The Blue Boy’.

Don’t miss it!


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