Packing for a trip

I found this article on packing from REI.

I thought it was really good in that it helps to inform you on what to pack and what bag to use for whatever kind of trip you may be going on.

It also gives you what you can and cannot take on planes and trains.

Check it out….very interesting.

Have a spectacular day!!

Packing Light

When I travel I believe in packing light.

I found this article about packing by Rick Steves, apparently he agrees with my philosophy. (Or I agree with his…I’m not sure)

With the cost of traveling why would you allow the airlines to tack on even more fees just to bring more stuff you’re not going to use anyway?

Think you can’t do without?

Try just one trip without any extras. Pack super light and see how you do.

You can always add things back in later, but you’ll learn how light you can really go and what you really need.

Then use the money you saved to have more fun wherever you go. Or a nice dinner. Or a tour. Perhaps a nice bottle of wine at dinner.

The possibilities are endless….


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