Avoiding Fees

I was reading some things on airline fees lately and am surprised at some of the changes.

Although I haven’t traveled much in recent months, I’m astonished at the airlines for the outrageous fees.

Fee for this, fee for that.

The fees remind me of those bank ads years ago where the man goes up to the drive in teller.

The woman in the bank asked if he brought his own vacuum.

The man says that he didn’t and she tells him that will be another fee.

They were funny ads…but let’s face it, there was truth behind them.

So to avoid airline fees, I don’t check my luggage.

I print my own boarding pass at home.

Etc..etc…I do what I can, but I thought this was awesome.

To save some space in your luggage purchase one of these vests and load up.

It’s called a Scottevest. Check it out.

One of these and a pair of cargo pants and you could probably carry one less bag on to the plane.

Happy traveling.


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