Foam Roller

I bought a foam roller the other day because I¬†wanted to try and ‘really’ stretch.

I used it this morning for the first time.


This thing hurts…but then again…it doesn’t.

It’s strange. It digs deep down into the muscle and basically massages it back and forth.

It hurt but yet it felt great.

I think I love this thing!

Here are just a few things you can do with it.

Give it a try.

A few great exercises to keep you traveling

Like so many of us, I have weak knees.

I’ve had two surgeries on one knee and the other isn’t so hot either.

So I’ve asked my best friend, Albert who’s also a personal trainer to give me a hand with helping us exercise.

Here are some links to videos that he says are good.

There are some in here for stretching and others for working on parts of the body.

I’m only going to post things that he approves because he’s an amazing personal trainer and I can completely trust him.

So try some of these, and there will be more coming.

Fascial Release Stretching

Calves Stretching

Yoga Stretching

Arm Stretching

Stretching your Body

Butt Exercises

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