Walking In Wonder

Next time you go for a walk…take a look around.

See what you can find that’s spectacular.

Here’s what I saw today!

A little of Autumn A lovely arbor Beautiful Sky

It was a little overcast and gray today, but the sky was quite lovely.

Colorful Leaf

Ok…not New England color…but pretty none-the-less.

Cute Dog

This little cutie was full of energy and spunk…then her owner told us she’s 14!

Flowers Gorgeous Rose Leaves Falling More Pine Cones Nice Sky Our path Pine Cones 1 Pine Cones Potato Chip Cactus

I couldn’t resist capturing this cactus. They look like potato chips to me.

Purple Pretties Red Roses Roses & Flag Squirrel Condos


They were squirrels everywhere out here, running in and out of these holes. Clearly they were their homes…and they were everywhere.


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