New York Bakeries

New York Bakeries

Now, I’ve been to New York lots of times and I think it’s a fantastic and wonderful city.

The people are great, the city is beautiful, lots to do and especially lots of great places to eat.

But I found it strange that Zabars is not on this list.

Truth be told they are not a traditional bakery, which is I’m sure why they were not added.

However, go there and pick up fresh bread, home-made strudel and fresh baked croissants.

And let me tell you…the croissants are divine.

Get there early to get them fresh out of the oven.

Oh…heaven awaits if you do this.

My Prince Charming husband and I have been on the West Coast now for two years and for equally that long we’ve been missing those croissants.

Try them…I guarantee you’ll love it.




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